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"When your reanimated dolls no longer dance with you, you'll expand your search to a world that has never known what manipulation is."

General Description
Name: Johnney Thrier
Alias: Endymion
Age: Appearing mid-twenties. (Subject to change)
Height: Roughly 6'1" (Subject to change)
Weight: 180 lbs (Subject to change)
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
⦁ Proud
⦁ Combative
⦁ Manipulative
⦁ Jestful
⦁ Teasing

Characteristics (other)

Eyes: Cerulean (Subject to change)
Hair: Mid-back, platinum white.
Build: Athletic thin.
Defintion: Toned.

Description - (Brief and will be updated)
Endymion is the crowned reaper between dimensional plains, he's tasked with escorting recently departed souls to their place of eternal rest or damnation.

Power Title: Nether Manipulation (Wiki rip temporarily)

Power Description - The power to generate, conjure, and manipulate Nether, the essence that flows through the realms of the Living and the Dead.

Capabilities - User can create, shape and manipulate Nether, the "Chthonian Element" that flows through the realms of the living, and the Dead. Nether is most known as the substance that makes up the Underworld, a subterranean dimension where all souls go when they pass on.
 Nether is very similar to Aether “the Celestial Element” in that is from a Plane that exists between the planes of both matter, and energy. However, although it can partake in the nature of either substances, Nether is neither of these things.

Despite being often considered "Death-Force" Nether is more than the source of what drains life away from living things, it is the destructive aspect of reality, the source and very concept of entropy and destruction, disasters and all degeneration in matter, energy and concepts. It is the power that makes possible and ensures severing the soul's connection to their mortal body, so they can pass onto the after life. It is also the power that summons and controls the souls of the deceased. Users of this power acknowledge that Nether exists in Elemental, Cosmic, and Spiritual forces. Nether exists in the cosmos as sort of a gateway between the land of the Living and the Dead, stretching out to anywhere where death has potential to occur.

Like Aether, Nether is a Spiritual Element, which means it cannot be perceived by any physical sense. The only way Nether can be seen is if it were mixed with an Element of the Physical Realm (Most often Darkness, Fire, or Earth).

Common/Uncommon Applications -
- Concept Destruction: Destroy concepts.
- Cosmological Force Manipulation: Control Spiritual, Cosmic, and Elemental forces.
- Astral Manipulation: Being well adjusted to souls, users can control spiritual energy.
- Ectoplasm Manipulation: Control spectral energy.
- Soul Manipulation: Control the souls of the dead.
- Cosmic Manipulation: Control forces of the cosmos.
- Dark Energy Manipulation: Manipulate powerful and destructive forces of dark energy.
- Death-Force Manipulation: Gain immense power from the forces of death.
- Destructive Energy Manipulation: Control all forms of destructive energy.
- Elemental Manipulation: Control the forces of the physical and Nether Realms.
- Dark Element Manipulation: Control the dark-side of elements.
- Darkness Manipulation: Control the darkness of the Nether Realm.
- Disaster Manipulation: Control the destructive forces of nature.
- Poison Manipulation: Control toxic elements.
- Pollution Manipulation: Control the forces that make planets non-habitable.
- Nothingness Manipulation: Control the power of oblivion.
- Underworld Lordship: Gain dominion over the Underworld, the source of Nether.
- Magic: Control the Mystical energies.
- Dark Arts: Wield dark magic.
- Necromancy: Magic involving the dead, life-force and/or souls.
- Transcendent Physiology: Death Transcendency


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