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Formation of the Sentinels

In the universe known as Earth 333, the emergence of humans with extraordinary abilities have started to become abundant.

This started with Andrew Beam, CEO of STAR Labs, who announced that he was the man who saved lives in Centennial Park against another armored assailant, which the media later dubbed him "Iron Man".

Shortly after, Jessica Wayne, CEO of WayneTech, made a proposition with Beam to help their companies improve. After this, she and her boyfriend had a stroll through Robinson Park one night, and her boyfriend proposed to her. After this happened, a man named Abner Krill demanded their possessions and gunned down the couple. Jessica survived, but her newly engaged did not. Fueled by vengeance, she constructed a suit of armor and became Batgirl, vowing to bring justice to those who worship evil.

In the arctic, a girl named Casablanca Sandsmark made contact with a mysterious crystal and was imbued with super powers. Shortly after, she was kidnapped by an alien bounty hunter known as Sylux, who explained that the crystal came from an ancient artifact known as the Obelisk, which only gave powers to those who are worthy. His mission was to find the individuals who made contact and bring them back for processing. Cass escaped, and was found by SHIELD and Iron Man, and thus trained to use her powers for good.

And finally, a boy named Benjy Parker, an ordinary kid, visited a science center on a field trip one day and was bitten by a spider. After this, he began feeling weird and passed out. As he woke, he discovered he had the ability to climb walls and shoot webs from his hands. After saving Iron Man and Cass from a mysterious man in black, Beam decided Benjy had potential, and gave him a new suit and name... Spider-Man!

As these heroes made their entrance, other heroes began popping up. A soldier frozen in ice from World War 2 with a super-serum in his bloodstream, mysterious red streaks flying from place to place, and intergalactic peacekeepers sent to make peace with humans.

But despite these heroes and there powers, they will eventually face a force that no single man or woman can face on their own. On that day, they must band together and become The Sentinels for all mankind!


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