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LexCorp file: Project Zeta

Project Zeta current Data.

Subject name: Darren McConner

Subject background: Subject was born and raised in a low economic background in Scotland Glasgow parents died while young and was sent between foster homes but tended to run away from many of them in the hopes to "see the world" due to having no family and little connections with others subject was taken in for meta human enhancements via exobytes.

Project goal: To create a super soldier able to cause a massive amount of damage on a selected target then vanish into plan site due to the transformation process.

Subject image pre-transformation:
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Subject image post-transformation:
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Subject current state:
Subject has proven to have mixed feelings of his abilities showing clear signs of multiple personality disorder subject may one day be willing to comply others may be resistant and rare cases will attempt to force the transformation in attempt to escape.

Subject abilities:
Transformation according to data may only be cause once subject suffers from extreme injury once in the new form the body increases in mass rapidly to just around 40ft in size and lacks any form of skin revealing large amounts of tissue and muscle once this form is complete the body produces a bone like armor to cover large parts of the body but yet leaves some clear spots that could be used for weak points subject is also able to heal at fast rates and at rare times able to project large beams of heat from his mouth.

Subject Strengths: Increased strength, Increased stamina, Increased endurance.

Subject weaknesses: Due to size subject is a clear target and seems to be very slow however is able to sprint at great speeds over time,
Main weak point for the subject seems to the lower neck lacking no protection once cut the subjects body shall return to once it was healing all wounds and may suffer from loss of memory most commonly found unable to stand or even move possibly due to shock.

Improvements due: placement of control chip or some form of mental control over it's actions to guide it to assigned targets.

((Any advice is welcome as always emoticon ))

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