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Sailor Nyx

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Villain Name: Sailor Nyx
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Physical Description: 5'2”, Raven hair, lavender eyes, athletic

Weapon of Choice: Staff
Powers: Celestial
Movement Type: Flight


Sailor Nyx, aka, Tsukiko Meiou

In an alternate future of 30th century Earth, the original Sailor Senshi of Crystal Tokyo were lost to time through the betrayal of the Black Moon. Chibi-usa vanished first trying to travel back to the past, and never seen again. Queen Neo-Serenity, King Endymion and the Sailor Senshi were beside themselves with grief.

Not even all the power of the Silver Crystal could find Chibi-usa. One villain within the Black Moon kingdom saw this as an opportunity get Queen Neo-Serenity to give up the Silver Crystal of her own accord with no need to fight for or steal it. She became their new friend and greatest ally in their desperate search for Chibi-usa. She egged them into ever more dangerous and desperate measures to try and find the young princess. Their grief made every and desperation made them all susceptible to the Black Crystal corruption she poisoned them slowly with. If she could just infuse them with enough corrupting energy, Queen Neo-Serenity would simply hand over the Silver Crystal out of despair. It all came down to one last, dangerous, designed-to-fail gambit. Would have worked, but for the unpredictable nature of time traveling. All Sailor Senshi, but Pluto. Neo-Serenity and Endymion, were lost the same as Chibi-Usa. The survivors arrived back early enough to witness the betrayal that doomed their friends.

Overcome, Queen Neo-Serenity and King Endymion's grief was so great the Silver Crystal faded and lost all power. It left them open and even welcoming to the Black Crystal's influence. The destruction of Crystal Tokyo and the victory of the Black Moon kingdom over the once peaceful Earth was all but certain. The Black Crystal's corruption had one unforeseen consequence, it fueled the King and Queen's rage and desire for vengeance to all-consuming levels. They had been infected by enough to the Black Crystal's touch to be changed forever. Instead of a Black Moon victory, their grief-fueled rage awakened a forgotten, primordial seed of Earth's volcanic formation, the Jade Orb. With its burning, primal power they swiftly avenged their lost friends by hunting down and mercilessly wiping out all of the Black Moon kingdom and the planet Nemesis.

From that day on, they were Queen Jade Serenity and King Jade Endymion, abandoning Crystal Tokyo to found Jade Millennium over the ruins of the Silver Millennium castle. In this alternate future, the Black Moon kingdom was defeated as before, but the cost was the rise of Jade Millennium, a dark reflection of the utopia that came before. Grief, rage and retribution its guiding principals over love, peace and harmony. Jade Serenity would ensure the peace and safety of her new kingdom would never again fall to betrayal. Anything to ensure the security of her remaining family and subjects.

 If there was any light in Jade Millennium's gloom, it was love finding Sailor Pluto. After millennia, Sailor Pluto would herself, marry and raise her own family. Five daughters, who would grow to be the Five Sisters, Sailor Senshi and Guardians of Jade Millennium.

Sailor Nyx is the youngest of Sailor Pluto's five daughters, each representing one of the five moons of the dwarf planet Pluto. She and her sisters grew up on the concepts of love, vengeance and retribution. Love comes in many shades, and still had a place in Jade Millennium, as misguided, dark and twisted it might seem to the Sailor Senshi of the past. Sailor Nyx and the rest of the Five Sisters grew to be the iron fist Jade Serenity and Jade Endymion ensured the security of their kingdom with.

A misaimed incursion by Brainiac into their timeline was turned back at great cost. Sailor Nyx was the one to pay the price. She cursed the alien computer with her dying breath as she and her powers were digitized to sate Brainiac's curiosity. Before he could analyze what he found, Brainiac and his forces were driven back through the portal he ripped open by Jade Serenity, Pluto and Nyx's sisters. The Jade Orb forced the portal closed behind them, and even Brainiac cannot find a way back.

When Brainiac's exobytes were released over the world, Sailor Nyx found herself reincarnated into a past she did not and could recognize from any of her history books. A world in chaos, full of wicked and misguided souls and in desperate need of Jade Millennium brand justice as far as she is concerned. In her own words, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Nyx of the Jade Millennium has arrived. I fight for Love and Retribution, and in the name of the Night, I will destroy you!” (A charm cast to stun the weak-minded)

If she can't find her way back to her own future, she will just have to build the Jade Millennium on her own, and rule as Regent until Queen Jade Serenity can be found. On her own, in a strange world full of heroes misguided by flawed ideals of the past, things will have to be done quietly, slowly, and unsavory alliances may be needed.

Her reincarnation into this past came with the perfect cover as the young girl, Tsukiko Meiou. A quiet girl and serious student, her parents dragged her to Metropolis. Tsukiko's parents are a leading research team in Japan, and they have come to colloberate on a few big projects at [sign in to see URL]. Labs. She just started high school on a gymnastics scholarship, before moving, she found the jade broach that transforms her. The magic that transforms Tsukiko into Sailor Nyx, ensures no one who doesn't witness her transformation will never recognize who this spy from one alternate future really is. With the blood of a god on her mother's side, she has a wide variety of magical tools to use in her duties as Sailor Nyx. She channels the power and magic of the heavens to summon a staff of magical force and curse and punish those unlucky enough to fall under the attention of this sailor suited judge, jury and sometimes executioner. If a big enough danger presents itself, she can call upon her grandfather to channel the greater powers of the Night, as Eternal Sailor Nyx. This super form, while it greatly improves her survivability and power of her magic, it comes at a cost. It's extremely taxing and she can only maintain it for a few minute at time before passing out, leaving it as last resort.

She channels her magic through and from a variety of devices that came with her through time and reincarnation. They mostly provide disguises and other things useful in the espionage and assassinations that have become standard in her struggle to bring the Jade Millennium to this past too. On the occasion it doesn't interfere or aligns with her overall mission of Love and Retribution, she can be hired. Side jobs never hurt anybody.

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Jade Moon Arc

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