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Constantine Drakon

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Villain Name: Constantine Drakon
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Physical Description: possibly five feet tall, Greek, typically wears a suit and sandles. Peak

Weapon of Choice: Martial arts
Powers: None, though he does have reflexes above the adverage human to the point where at one point he managed to catch and entire salvo of Connor Hawke and Mia Dearens arrows while firing at him at the same time.
Movement Type: Acrobatics


Constantine Drakon was born in Athens, Greece. Not much is known about his family, except that they were rich, and Drakon received a very good education. It became quite apparent at a young age that Drakon would be shorter than nearly all other males, and this led to him being teased by other children, and even some adults. Once he started killing people at the age of ten, however, he found he was no longer sensitive about his stature. There was nothing strange or traumatic in his upbringing to turn him to murder, he was simply curious to see what he could do. So he planned for, and completed his first murder, killing the family gardener. Discovering that he was a prodigy at killing, Constantine proceeded to make a living out of it.

Personality- Drakon is the model of a cold blooded killer as he detaches himself emotionally from any situation only really showing any sympathy to himself. He is also arrogant in his own skills, as he knows well enough that he is among the best at what he does.

Feats in combat- Drakon defeated Oliver Queen with ease only sparing him due to not being paid to kill him. Drakon had also slit Roy Harpers throat during one on one fight at a speed in which it took Roy a few seconds to even realize that his neck was cut open. Last up were his enounters with Connor Hawke, where he broke into his home and fought him pure ease beating him helplessly into submission in what was a very one sided fight (Keep in mind Connor is skilled enough to keep up with both Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva despite losing) only for him to win after Mia stabbed him in the back giving Connor the chance to toss a lighter into his current active Kitchen oven, blowing up the house with Drakon in it. He encountered the duo two other times in future as both times they were forced to of been rescued by shift, while the second time by the Justice League after working together with Slade Wilson.
For additional information id advise this other Bio which really managed to sum up this character better than I ever could. [sign in to see URL]


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