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X-Com 2: JT Edition!

Hey guys! As the title suggests, I am strongly considering doing a playthrough of X-Com 2 with our RP characters filling out the roster of the X-Com project's guerrilla warfare efforts. What is X-Com, some of you may be wondering?

That, in a nutshell. X-Com 2 basically takes place in a universe where X-Com lost its battle against the aliens when they managed to exploit a once-in-a-lifetime chance to attack the X-Com base itself thanks to a fluke regarding psychic powers they couldn't have planned for at the time, at least from what I remember.

So, the mysterious "Elders" at the head of the alien empire have effectively taken over Earth and re-written history to suit their ends while X-Com is forced to fight a guerrilla war to try and reclaim Earth and thwart the "Avatar Project" that seems to be the culmination of all the aliens' efforts on Earth.

But yeah, this is just something I thought I might do for fun if any of you are interested. Keep in mind that X-Com is a hard game and soldiers can die quite easily if you're not careful. I'll also try to resist the urge to re-load unless the game pulls something *ridiculous* with either bugs or screwing me over on the probabilities. Either way, I apologize if any of the stories I have to share here involve our characters dying horribly because of stupid tactical decisions on my part emoticon

As far as character classes go, our options are:

Ranger- A mobile assault class armed with blades and either assault rifles or shotguns. They tend to favor getting into close-quarters to deal tremendous amounts of damage, but their skills let them pick between some stealth-based perks and abilities that greatly augment their abilities with their blades and overall capabilities in open combat. I have more experience with the latter and am still trying to get the hang of the new Concealment system.

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Specialist- A support class armed with an assault rifle and a robotic drone, they are the go-to people for hacking or exploiting the aliens' own technology and can function as both the medics of the team or proving a number of utility functions. Or Both! I'll pretty much always be taking one of this if I can help it.

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Grenadier- Grenadiers are awesome. By default, they're armed with with an autocannon and grenade launcher, but a certain skill they can get encourages you to stick them in the heaviest suits of powered armor X-Com can make to get some extra use out of Heavy Weapons mounted onto it as well. Altogether, they can become the most durable members of the team in terms of pure ability to soak damage and provide a nice mixture of Damage and Support for the team. They're better at using grenades than anyone else, which lets them deal AOE damage that can also destroy the enemy's cover, shred their damage-reducing armor, and do other nasty things depending on the grenade launched. Their autocannons can also do those things as long as they have the ammo (which is unlimited, but it takes precious time to reload) and can actually land a shot, as well as mark the enemy to improve the whole squad's accuracy against them.

Sharpshooter- Armed with Sniper rifles, a rather powerful pistol, and an ability that lets them shoot at any enemy the squad as a whole can see as long as they have a clear shot, Sharpshooters can make the long-range shots no one else on the team could. While half of their skills do concentrate on finding the best spot to snipe enemies to death from across the map from, the other half turns them into gunslinging pistoleers who can make quite a few more shots per turn with pistols that don't hit all that less hard than a [sign in to see URL] long as the enemy is within range!

Psi Operative- Oooh [sign in to see URL] do I start? Psi Operatives work a fair bit differently than all the other classes, and not just because they use Psychic powers rather than technology or pure, conventional badassery. Whereas the others have to make a binary decision between which of two skills they want at each level-up, Psi Operatives can get them ALL. They can permanently mind-control a single enemy to join you for the rest of the mission apiece, open Void-Rifts to do large chunks of damage to whole groups of enemies and drive the survivors temporarily insane, detonate the enemy's grenades while they're still wearing them, and more! It'd probably be easier to list what they CAN'T do.

The catch? They're tricky to get from a Strategic perspective. The Psi Lab you need to train your soldiers to become them can be hard to fit into the budget when you're strapped for resources and desperately rushing to build up your base so you can actually strike at the alien facilities advancing the Avatar Project before it's game over. They also unlock their abilities by training in the Psi Lab rather than going on missions. Which is both a strength since it means they're ALWAYS improving if not killed rather than only if taken on missions, and a weakness since they can't do that if they are in the hospital after getting shot during a mission. So, you may be dis-incentivized to actually USE them for a pretty hefty amount of time. And time is a precious commodity in this game.

Finally, some of their powers don't work on mechanical enemies, for obvious reasons emoticon

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