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New Hoods RP Event (GO TO HELL!)

We all knew it was inevitable. After so many acts of villainy where else did the Hoods expect their careers in deviltry to take them other than the very bowls of damnation?

A dark lord has stirred in Hell and has set dark designs in motion to carve out a new empire of unending woes in his mad lust to reclaim the throne of the damned. And the Hoods are just the kind of sinners he's been hunting for to do it!

To act as his hand, the King of Hate has resurrected the bloody priest Deacon Joseph Blackfire to abduct New Generation Supervillains to be cast down into the pits of Hell to bend and twist their sanity through endless suffering until they are fit to be reshaped into worthy weapons for the Dark Lord's legions of Hellspawns.

Trapped in their own personal prisons where they must endure horrific and ironic punishments for their lives of evil, can even the Hoods stand a chance of escaping damnation itself?

Tune in Mondays to find out in the New Hoods Beyond Gotham Storyline: GO TO HELL!!!!
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