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Arrival of (Injustice-verse) Zod (Closed)

It was the dawn of a bright day when General Dru-Zod found himself surrounded by the forces of Batman and his alliance of heroes that had helped the heroes from a parallel world to overthrow Superman's regime. Leading the remnants of Superman's forces, including many he had helped to escape from prison, Zod was prepared to make his final stand in the Fortress of Solitude. Smashing the Phantom Zone Projector that he had stolen, sealing Kal-El forever within the nightmare realm the world's government had banished him to to both finally gain his revenge against the House of El and to ensure the same fate did not befall him again. Smashing his way through several tanks, Dru-Zod smiled wickedly as he made a hole for his forces to push through to join in the engagement. "Remember men, no retreat! No surrender! No mercy! Swooping into the air, he unleashed his heat vision as he swore to himself that he would conquor the world and teach the humans proper respect for when he could reatore Kandor and it's people Armyheir proper size.

As Zod and the remaining heroes and soldiers of Superman started their assault, Batman and his armies launched their assault. Batman took the point as the bloodied force to distract Zod and maneuver him to a position where Deathstroke could shoot him with a new Kryptonite bullet.

Positioning himself slightly over two miles away so that Zod's Super-Hearing would not hear the shot over the din of battle until the bullet would reach him. Watching the spot that Batman designated the Kill Zone through the Sniper Rifle, he listened to the fighting over the Radio. A small part of the mercenary felt a pang of hurt in his heart over hearing the sounds of Zod and his army slaughtering the humans of the interim World's Government. Seeing Zod and Batman reach the Kill Zone about five minutes into the fight, he sighted in on Zod and pulled the Trigger.

During the first three minutes of the fight, General Zod had used his powers to destroy the majority of the World's Government forces until his rag-tag army was the more dominant force. Once victory was assured, he positioned himself to be able to watch the glorious slaughter before him. When he did, Batman struck. Using Anti-Kryptonian gadgets the government had used to hold Superman and keep him under control until he could be banished to the Phantom Zone, Bruce tried to gain the complete attention of Zod as Deathstroke sighted in on them. The moment he had the shot, Deathstroke pulled the trigger and cursed when Batman was pulled between the bullet and Zod by the fighting. As the bullet penetrated Bruce's body, Zod started to glow with a bright light. Feeling himself getting ripped apart atom by atom, Zod laughed as the bullet passed through his own dematerialising body. "Hah! Zod yelled. "I live to fight another da..." His voice faded to nothing as he was ripped into another universe.

Passing out from the trip, the severely weakened Dru-Zod passed out as his body started to reform in [sign in to see URL]. Labs. The scientists recognized him immediately from the New Krypton War despite the fact that this Zod had balded himself to try to look more distinguished. Hauled into a Red Sunlight storage Cage, he slept and tried to recover as the [sign in to see URL]. Lab scientists sent out an open call to the heroes of Metropolis to search for a guard for him, explaining that they had yanked him from a parallel world on accident while trying to catalogue all 52 of the universes. They left out the part that the machine malfunctioned and sucked him into the Universe from the first universe they encountered before the computers could catalogue which universe it was he came from or the fact that they had no way of sending him back or even away to anywhere except the Phantom Zone so they could explain it in person to the heroes.

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