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...hangin' around.....

He dangled from the zip cable. Sleek and strong. Grim admired. The cable that is. The lout Ensnared to it was a gavel leading judge. Crooked as a gators maw. And with pockets fattened by the weak and guilty. Erik observed the lines tenacity. So slim and defying the obese weight of the magisterial monger.

"You crooks think you can..." The lard - jowls Fatman screamed in desperate anxiety. Trying to garner an amount of lashing to his captor. But Grim Phalanx shot the tip of his leading sword blade past his throat, just above the collarbone. With flashing speed and precision. The rest of the fat man's defiance came out in choking bubbles. Blood sieve through the razor cut wound. Air escaped with each of the fat pigs hearts last beating. Grim ...still focused on the cable towing "dead weight" still?

"Remarkable?" He noted to himself, though out loud. The room had been vacant save the pair. Neither target nor foe. The hood took on the "control subject" on his own accord. Gothamite would hardly miss this abusive scum. For most of Burnley p.d. had been blackmailed by the 'Justice' himself.

With most of the Hoods in hiding. Erik frequently returned "home". Hoping [sign in to see URL] uncover Jane's [sign in to see URL] [sign in to see URL] re-establish ing their base of operations.

With the Xree Alien Invasion. It opted Belize a perfect getaway.

But let's face it....

The Sellsword didn't do "vacation" well.
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