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Sister Suffering's Application

Code Name:Sister Suffering
Secret Identity: Sarah Silton

Aliases/Nicknames: Sis, Lady Mercy.

Character Development (RP) Information:

Age: She appears to be about 21.

Place of Birth: UK

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170lbs

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green/ Emissive-White

Physical Build: Average, if not a bit curvy.

Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Human-undead/Caucasian/British

Physical Disability/Illnesses: Loosely alive? She is undead. I think that counts.

Personality: Sadomasochistic, codependent, with a dash of emotional detachment.

Likes: Archery, alchemy, augury, astrology and anatomy. Most of the other things fit under one of these things.

Dislikes: Boredom, lethargy, vegetables, poor decorators, organized religion, heroes and do-gooders (if not only because of their irritating enthusiasm.)

Skills: Alchemy, first aid, lounge singing, pianist, archery, spiritual counseling.

Powers (RP): Sorcery and levitation, member of the soul-sucking undead and therefore is a bit more hearty than her living counterparts. She's also well learned in various profane magical arts.

Weakness(es): Without upkeep from her curator the magical ties keeping her spirit in her body become frail, weak. She is socially numb at times and this can be a problem for her. Most means to rid yourself of the undead/dead do infact apply to her.

Paraphernalia (Equipment, Weapons, etc.): Hand carved bow and a variety of runed arrows. Energy focus runes on the soles of her boots to create skimming disks. She has a myriad of tinctures and potions that she imbues with her own spiritual energies along with many other ritual items. Her gear is often changing, it tends to take on the shifting nature of her state of physical and emotional being.
Game & Contact Information:
 In-Game Powersets: Sorcery/bow/skimming
Preferred Role: Healer
Sponsor (Current Member offering): Taskman
Contact Email: sistersuffering@[sign in to see URL]
Resident Time Zone: PT

On a scale from 1-10, how invested in DC Universe Online are you?:
On a scale from 1-10, how much do you enjoy DC Universe Online?:
[sign in to see URL] would enjoy it far more with an active league to be part of.

League Questionnaire The following questions are used to determine your interest in our League.

1. Why are you interested in becoming a part of The Hoods, and what do you feel The Hoods stand for?
I'm interested in becoming part of a role play community that is active and immersive. From what I've read and heard, the Hoods are a good place to find these things. As for what the Hoods stand for, ICly it seems that they stand for a group of practical people who know that it's much easier to get to the top with others backing [sign in to see URL] at least to make a human step ladder. OOCly, it seems as though the League stands for good role play and team play. The OOC expectations on the forums are all wonderful seeds for a good rp environment, in my opinion.

2. How will you personally contribute to the betterment of our organization?

When there is opportunity I am almost always up for some role play, I have some story telling experience if anyone ever wants that. I've also got real life management, team building and conflict resolution experience. I [sign in to see URL]'m pretty cool too, so I got that going for me and I could have it going for all of us. High five? [sign in to see URL]
 don't high five.

3. Did you read our "About Us" and "Home Base" Information Pages? (If not, please do so.)
Yes, I did. Very concise, I enjoyed it.
Character Questionnaire:

1. In your opinion, what makes your character Original and Iconic, what makes them stand out amongst his/her fellow villains?
The circumstances of my characters resurrection, her twisted devotion and shifting emotional state all call to some base things that tend to beg the phrase.. "that's how you get villains...." However, the ingredients all being present doesn't mean she isn't her own, original, evil cupcake.

2. How dedicated are you to this character and his/her concept? Will he/she be your main character?
Sister is my main character, she fits the archetype I enjoy playing and I am pretty dedicated to her concept, though I am always open to suggestions and feedback.

3. Why did your character decide to become a villain?
She didn't really decide to. Drath Ur sort of ended up taking her along for that particular ride, though she is not complaining.

Character Bio:
 Sarah Silton, or Sister Sarah quite enjoyed her time as a bride of Christ. Her life was calm, meaningful and repentant for the rather misguided youth she had allowed herself. She was 17 when she first heard the voice of God and answered His call to become a nun. Over time the other sisters of the motherhouse began to question her personal devotions, first in whisper and then voiced with serious concern. It was not long until she was strongly encouraged to leave. The Mother Superior insisted that all she needed was a change of environment to shake the darkness that seemed to be seeping into sweet sister Sarah. She spent some time with a traveling group, moving on missions and helping in smaller villages until she went overseas. It was here that the small plane crashed into the mountains. Sarah lay there in the wreckage and [sign in to see URL] and livid with her god for letting her end come so abruptly, but it wasn't god who answered her angry and rage-full pleas, as she slipped from this life to the next. Someone from her past, long before habit and rosary. Her first, true devotion. Sammy, Though he now finds himself with a different moniker, Drath Ur. A sorcerer and newly fledged red lantern, found poor, broken Sarah in the wreckage. Her rage drew him to her and as she gasped her last blood burbled breath, it was his reassuring visage that she saw before leaving this plane. Drath took her body from the wreckage and set about going to find her spirit in the Shadowlands. Only after a number of profane rights and rituals was Drath able to return her to her form. One thing that Sarah, reborn Sister Suffering, managed to keep despite her trip into the afterlife, was her loyalty, her devotion. Though the idol she pays her homage to certainly differs. Sister Suffering took to learning quickly, picking up tricks and skills from the very profane rituals and arts that made it possible for her return to the land of the living. She has even since taken to archery again, easily picking up the long forgotten pass time, one that she enjoyed in her youth.

Roleplaying Essay:
 At the heart of Gotham's East End, Weather Wiccan hovers triumphantly at the center of a freak storm of her creation, as your fellow villains lay unconscious at her feet. You are the only still-standing member of your crew. Your misbegotten loot is nearby, but a crowd has gathered cautiously in the streets, both terrified and excited by the melee. Without a second thought you spring into action. (Please continue the story from this moment on.)

Sister Suffering's grave-light eyes narrow, leather clad fingers creaking as they tighten around the grip of her bow. "controlling weather, well isn't [sign in to see URL]." she scoffs and her knees bend slightly. With a small push-off from the ground the runes at the soles of her feet make a soft noise upon activation. Drawing energy to themselves in the way they were designed to, the compressed energy disks offering easy lift. Riding the swirling storm, up and around, she finds herself hovering safely over the eye of the chaotic squall. "rest now, child..." she says somberly before giving a soft chuckle, inaudible over the din. Her fingers move with a learned deftness, nocking the first [sign in to see URL] back with leveled calm despite the cacophony below. The pang of release echos like so much thunder, joining in the song of the storm. The bolt flies, shimmering as it splits and splinters into many more. The magically multiplied arrows sing through the eye of the gale in a speeding cluster, seeking out the weather witch's form in the midst of the summoned [sign in to see URL] attempt to turn her into no more than skewered meat, a crimson pin cushion.
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Re: Sister Suffering's Application

When there's no room in [sign in to see URL] dead will walk the Earth!-

Like the app. Got my approval! (Though you've already acquainted yourself) emoticon
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Re: Sister Suffering's Application

App approved and invite sent
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