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Halloween Pyre's Application

Code Name : Halloween Pyre
Secret Identity: Samuel Hainsword
Aliases/Nicknames: Mr. Halloway, The Hellfire Doctor

Character Development (RP) Information:

Age: 30

Place of Birth: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Height: 6.1

Weight: 185 lbs / 93 kg

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Gray

Physical Build: Slim

Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: British
Physical Disability/Illnesses: Hainsword's skin is covered in severe burns. In order to cope with the pain and avoid infection he wears a specially designed suit codenamed "Inferno".

Personality : Schemer. Hainsword is also very theatrical in his performances, sometimes putting up the facade of a demented psychopath in order to avoid letting on to his long term plans.

Likes: Halloween, Blades, Medieval History
Dislikes: Cold and frigid climates, people who foil or disrupt his schemes, people who do no appreciate forethought and planning over brute force.

Skills: Biological and biochemical knowledge, moderate skill with swords
Powers (RP): Pyrogenesis (Hainsword can produce flames at a distance of two inches from his body), Pyrokinesis

Weakness(es): Hainsword's fire can be nullified due to lack of oxygen, while also being doused when up against extremely low temperatures. Extremely high temperatures can also be dangerous, as it risks literally burning himself alive. Should his suit be ruptured, which IS rather difficult to do, he will immediately cease fighting and attempt to flee or if escape is impossible, he will surrender.

Paraphernalia (Equipment, Weapons, etc.): Hainsword's most valuable piece of equipment is a specially designed suit, created in order to protect his skin from any sort of pathogen, while at the same time protecting him from his own powers, which while he has control over he doesnt possess a natural immunity to.

Game & Contact Information:

In-Game Powersets (Power/Weapon/Travel, etc.):FIre/Dual Wield/Super Speed
Preferred Role (Healer, Tank, Controller, DPS): Tank(still low level, however)
Sponsor (Current Member offering): -
Contact Email: verves5237@[sign in to see URL]
Resident Time Zone: EST +2:00 /EEST +3:00
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On a scale from 1-10, how invested in DC Universe Online are you?: (Im not very good with the 1-10 scale, and my answer is likely to change in the future, but Id currently say about a) 7.

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you enjoy DC Universe Online?: 8

League Questionnaire

The following questions are used to determine your interest in our League.

1. Why are you interested in becoming a part of The Hoods, and what do you feel The Hoods stand for?

Well, I mostly want to join in order to get a more structured approach to villain rp.
I imagine the Hoods to being kind of an answer to the Injustice League. A group of not necessarily tightly knit or organised villains looking to help out each other to get ahead.

2. How will you personally contribute to the betterment of our organization?

I do consider myself as somewhat of a decent writer, even if stating that increases expectations and likely will turn out to be untrue. I can hopefully offer a few entertaining stories. Other than that, Im perfectly open to helping out new members, helping out with instances, and even donating furniture I find out when playing. I wont be using it, anyway.

3. Did you read our "About Us" and "Home Base" Information Pages? Yes.

Character Questionnaire

The following questions will give us a better understanding of how you view your character and help us to determine if he/she will be a good addition to our team.

1. In your opinion, what makes your character Original and Iconic, what makes them stand out amongst his/her fellow villains?

To be fair, Halloween Pyre is not very original a concept. I do like to believe that the look at least has some staying power, however. That said, since the concept IS rather typical, I hope to make it more worthwhile through interaction.

2. How dedicated are you to this character and his/her concept? Will he/she be your main character?

Likely not going to be my main character (though I cant speak on it with absolute certainty), but I am very much dedicated to the character. Its a character that really clicked with me. Thats just the characters I stick to.

3. Why did your character decide to become a villain?

 Being always somewhat unhinged, Hainsword essentially snapped after a particular experiment he had devoted most of his fortune on blew up in his face and left him physically crippled and in immense pain. The details are somewhat vague, but the story itself is something I'll outline below.

Character Bio

Throughout history, there have been three interpretations of what is currently known as Halloween Pyre.

 The first Halloween Pyre was an unnamed Knight Templar of Irish heritage, who made a deal with the demon to become his vessel in order to save their comrades during a battle against the Saracen forces. The fusion of the two would leave a tinge of demonic heritage throughout the bloodline. The Hellknight, as they became known finally burnt themselves to ashes, ending their blind rampage through the Middle East.

 The second and technically original Halloween Pyre was an engineer who lived during the Industrial Revolution in London. Obsessed with his ancestor's heritage, and mentally unstable, Horace Holbrook took on the mantle of Halloween Pyre, utilising his inventions to feign having demonic powers. Initially becoming a serial killer who stalked the streets of London for victims during Halloween. Eventually, he grew weary of killing only once a year. He was eventually killed when he attempted to murder Jason Blood.

  The final Halloween Pyre is a man by the name of Samuel Hainsword. A distinguished biologist, Hainsword became aware of his heritage when he discovered a secret crypt in his family's estate. He believed he could access the powers passed down from his Templar ancestor by manipulating his DNA structure, thus circumventing the need for dealing with a demon, giving him full control over the powers without having to answer to any other authority. With wealth he had inherited from his family, he funded these experiments, which yielded a serum meant to "overwrite" part of his human DNA in order to intensify the demonic blood's influence.
  While the experiment was succesful in granting him powers, he ultimately lost control and gave himself severe burns all over his body. Physically and mentally crippled and barely surviving, he spent his days in his family estate under the supervision of a personal team of physicians. Hainsword would go on to use the remainder of his fortune to requisition the creation of a specially designed suit meant to help monitor and control his new [sign in to see URL], he spent some of the money in order to create a combat-capable version of Holbrook's costume.
  After having the suit and costume delivered to him, he would go on to burn down the family estate. No one has seen him since then.
  During the time since then, Hainsword has relocated to Gotham City, where he spent most of his time collecting biological samples from new meta heroes just after the Exobyte-incident, whether it be through blood collection after or during a fight, or even raiding the tombs of dead metahumans. Having set up base in an abandoned hospital, Hainsword worked on creating a biological weapon by combining DNA from all the individuals he collected samples from. Set to unleash his monster, called Samhain on Gotham on October 31st, he was stopped by one of the new heroes. Although he managed to release Samhain, it died shortly thereafter, bringing down the Hospital basement on him. After the polic searched through the wreckage, they found Samhain, but Hainsword was nowhere to be found.

Roleplaying Essay

In the cold streets of Gotham, Halloween Pyre was hiding behind a corner. He looked around the scene of the crime. A couple thugs he paid off to be a distraction by robbing an ATM. Soon, one of the new heroes came by. He made quick work of the thugs.

"Perfect timing. Time to collect..." said Pyre, slowly removing a large blade from his coat. Slowly but steadily, he snuck up towards the hero, blade aloft, eager to get back to research.

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Re: Halloween Pyre's Application

So far nice bit. I think you know we will go onto more consideration when interacting with you in game. Look up myself, Dark Lytning or Jane the Undead in game for more info. Worst case scenario see me on this coming Monday ([sign in to see URL] to at 8)..we rp weekly
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