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The "Summer Lotus Café"

Metropolis, USA.

It was a sunny day. Hot with a faint breeze. Birds were chirping. Cars drove by, but this street was fortunate to avoid the heavy traffic. A one way street. A narrow street. People were walking the sidewalks though. And it was a day like this when Metropolis was like Heaven.
Serene. Beautiful. The only problem was the insects. More than in the past few days. A sign of the coming spring. The season of change and renewal and growth. Jessica loved coming here. To work at the "Summer Lotus Café". Things would be picking up soon. She remembered last year when the tea shop first opened. Mid-Spring all the way to the end of winter was pretty busy... She was looking forward to it.

In fact, she felt more alive here then anywhere else. School would be over soon too. Just what she needed. For now she was content with bringing out the heavy pots and getting to work planting some wonderful flowers around the front door. Madame Champeaux would be thrilled too. The sometimes strange woman from New Orleans was often downright ornery in the winter it seemed. But everyday as the warmer seasons grew closer... So too did the dark skinned lady seem to have a warmer heart.
Magnificent white Roses, Imperial Purple Orchids, as well as Regal Orchids, some pretty pink Sunny Cyclamens, a pot of Hydrangea, both pink and blue, yellow Daisies, and the ever lovely and always elegant Spathiphyllums. Once done there she sauntered into the anteroom of the cute shop. She had only one plant left. But it was too big to place outside amongst the rest. Too gorgeous to get rid of... Hm. She decided to leave them there. Huge Cymbidium Orchids with small Carnations around the big leaves. "Hope she likes em." Jess said under her breath.

"Who?" Asked a male voice. Turning around she spotted a fellow teenager. A guy she knew well, a guy she was fond of. Kyle Parker was a tan guy for being "strictly American" with dark brown hair like chocolate... His eyes were softer. A warm brown that shined like bronze. He was fairly tall. About six foot, and he was lean but muscular. Jessica smiled, her cheeks turning pink minutely under her eyes. "Oh... Nothing. Just Madame Champeaux. What are you doing here Kyle?" She answered and asked.

The boy was smirking almost devilishly. "Oh, is Ms. 'Shamp' around?" He asked in return. Moving closer to Jess than ever before, his chest almost brushing against her. His face was less than an inch from hers. His lips tickled her nose. "Because I came here to see you of course." He said.

Silence followed for a moment. Jess thought she might pass out. Was she breathing too fast or had she stopped entirely? Her heart must be going do fast she couldn't keep up! Kyle and her and talked about dating once but she turned him down. He was known for being waaaay to smart, like genius smart in school. But that meant less friends. Jessica on the other hand was pretty and popular and had a reputation to uphold. Only her annoying cousin Tyler knew she hung out with Mr. Handsome-Nerd. But she couldn't not deny how terribly attractive that move was. Finally... She kissed him.

The two were beginning to get into it, her arms coming up around his neck and he hugged her tightly. Their lips locked together. A sigh to the side caught their attention. And they both calmly and casually broke their kiss and looked up. Still holding each other tenderly.
"I do love romantic stories..." Said the heavily accented woman. A woman of light ebony coloration.
"But, even I had no idea that it was you Mr. Parker who was stealing the heart of my favorite helper. Jessica dear... Did you arrange all these flowers?" She asked contentedly. Both Kyle and Jessica smiled. "Yes ma'am. I did." She said in return. Madame Champeaux smiled happily. "They're wonderful!" She decided.

The older woman stepped into her shop now and looked around with a smile. "It's going to be a good year this year, I can tell." She claimed. Now Kyle furrowed his eyebrows. "Really? How so?" He asked her.

Without looking back the foreign-ish woman said, "The spirits confirmed it." And she was stalking farther into the small store. The place was clean with tables and chairs in a neat row down one side with a long counter on the other. Curtains adorned the counter area and obscured much of what was behind them. Madame Champeaux brewed some of the best teas ever. And her bakery skills were pretty badass too. Both Jess and Kyle could attest to that. Lastly... Her desserts, which she made on special occasion, were the stuff of legend this side of the river. "Jessica darling... Can you put the 'Open' sign up out front?" Asked the owner from her back office.

Yes she could. And with a happy start she went to do just that.

As she did another woman approached. A woman who looked early twenties. A woman in robes and a cloak that swirled about her person. Showing her petite feminine form yet dancing in places that added a touch of mystery. Her hood was rather low, so Jessica could only see a small portion of her nose, and then her lips down to her chin. The part she could see gave away the beauty that was there. Those lips were shiny with a layer of gloss.

"Um hello. Coming in?" Asked Jessica. The robed female smirked. "Yes. Please." She answered as she turned stiffly for the open doorway. Jess was struck by the interesting voice. It had a soft tone to it yet slid out crisply. If that made sense... "Is Angelique here?" Asked the hooded stranger. "Uh... Who?" Kyle asked as the two entered the shop. Jessica looked just as lost.

Now the hooded woman turned her head in Kyle's direction, her head came up revealing that her eyes were covered in black silky cloth. A blindfold of sorts. Kyle stifled a gasp. The woman only smiled prettily again. "Angelique Champeaux. Is she here?" She clarified.

"Oh my... A-are you... Are you the Speaker?" It was Madame Champeaux asking. She stood at the end of the hall, relieved of her coat and pompous hat. A braid of dark hair coiled around her head and hung on her shoulders stylishly. She was regal for sure, but the humility she displayed to this newcomer was quite obvious.
"I am." Came the answer.

Angelique Chanpeaux grinned like a child seeing Santa Claus. "Jessica, start the ovens and lay bring out all the herbs. Mister Parker if you will, please help her. We should expect much company today and all through the night!"


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