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Links to webcomic company websites for...

Hiyas! these are the links to some webcomic companies for Sparrow's DCUORP Comic idea. emoticon

[sign in to see URL] - probably one of the biggest ones out there, though accessing their main website apparently requires a free account.

[sign in to see URL] - another big one, though they're pretty small compared to some others.

[sign in to see URL] - the main source for superhero webcomics, DCUORP would fit in perfectly here! emoticon

[sign in to see URL] - and last, but positively not least, this one is probably the biggest webcomics company on the internet that i've found so far, with literally thousands or possibly millions of registered webcomics, and growing more by the day!

How you'd actually get registered with these companies i'm not sure and will look up as neccessary, but they're mainly for webcomics supported by donations, and the copyright laws that would be neccessary for ours to be supported as such can be circumnavigated pretty easily, i mean; there's a star wars webcomic called blue milk special! (found [url=[sign in to see URL]

If you need me to, I could work as a legal worker, and help you set up the webcomics website and everything if and when you choose this path for the comic(which i seriously hope you do, it would be AWESOME!). emoticon

Anyways, if you have any more questions, concerns, etc., contact me and i'll see if I can get some help from the myriad of webcomics authors I know of! emoticon

Edit 1: Just recently discovered another one, found here: [sign in to see URL]

seems to be a big company which is known for quality website systems! emoticon

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