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Re: □■"birds of a feather"■□

Once the interrogation went through. The waiter repeated the same parlance as earlier with the pair from the diner. His infatuation with the estranged waitress had turned out to be nothing more than his own obsession. However, revealing nothing in way of their motivations.

"I think we were brought here to be tagged personally. You [sign in to see URL] how they do in the wild with deer?" Griffin looked around with a paranoid manner.
Locke shook his head at Griffins poor attempt to whisper to Scarlet.

We don't want you for anything more than we mention, Hoss." Locke tried to confirm, but Griffin Hawk clearly didn't accept this as truth.

Once The waiter was through with his 'interview', the three went off through another portal dropping them else where. A plume of smoke whisping into the air, directly over top the diner the had met at.

Griffin nodded to the pair, being done with the matter. Looking back only to address Scarlet once more.

"If you ever need [sign in to see URL] call." He says tossing her a specific cell number.

Looking then at the [sign in to see URL] shook his head.
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