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How To Download Comics for FREE

First you download this comic book reading tool for your computer:


There are other updated tools like CDisplayEX, but I prefer the original.

[sign in to see URL] DC++ from [sign in to see URL]

There are screenshots there to show you how to install and set it up.

Finally, when you get it running the Public Hub screen will appear (if it doesn't, it's the icon that looks like a globe all the way to the left up top). Type 'comics' into the filter and hubs will appear. I recommend Perfection to start out with, and the more stuff you have to share (comics, cartoons, mp3s, etc.) you can join larger hubs with more people.

I've been downloading comics here since 2003.

You can find anything here - from new books to comics from the 40's!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

aka Checkmate Knight, Check, CK, z00m, or Scott

"When you don't read comics you help the enemy."
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