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Welcome to Justice Tribunal

Justice Society Headquarters

Karen Starr, AKA.. Power Girl was alone and staring at reports of reports of crimes in the cities of Metropolis and Gotham. She had been collecting data for months now and came to realize something, the Justice League was just too busy to handle it all and Justice Society was too small to handle it. They needed something more. But what?

Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, came in and saw Power Girl, was alone with her thoughts and he smiled. He had always liked Karen and despite the fact he was with Dinah, most of the time, him and Karen had always had a flirting relationship. "Karen? What is wrong?"

"Its Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman.. it's the justice League. They cannot do it all and we... we are a force of what? People call us the team of yesteryear. They think that we are the heroes that train the heroes of tomorrow. We are more than that. I know that we are. But we are limited. That is why I have called in the others.

Just then, Hawkman and Black Canary walked in. Power Girl looked at them. "Thank you all for coming. As you all know, the time has come for the Justice Society to expand. I am tasked with making us more than a society of heroes.. From this day forward there will be a special taskforce. That taskforce will be called... Justice Tribunal."

Justice Tribunal is a Justice Society Taskforce that was designed with the intention of being a quick strike force that is able to handle operations that would take the bulky force of Justice League a long time to respond to. It also can handle things more discreetly.

There are rules though. The most important is the no killing. Power Girl believes whole heartedly in what Superman taught her. There is always a better way than violence and murder is never okay. With great power, comes the greatest in responsibility. She might have a temper, but she can temper her own anger and that is why Superman has always trusted her.

Our Website is here ]Justice Tribunal

Contact in game for an invite:

Powergirl or (Supergirly)
Miss Adora
or any officer

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