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The Red Guardsman

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Hero Name : The Red Guardsman
Name: Chris Hartford (Actual name is "Alexander Zeratsky" prior to 1951)
Other Alias : "Superman of the Soviet Union"
Age : 90
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Place/Date of Birth: 4/27/1923, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Moscow
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Identity: Publicly Known
Nationality: American (Russian Immigrant) post 1951
Previous Occupations: Ex-Central Intelligence Agency, Ex-Комитет государственной безопасности (KGB ; Committee for State Security), Ex-Red Army Rifle Guardsman
Weight : 200~ lbs
Height : 6'7"
Physical Appearance: Brown hair and facial hair; full beard. Brown eyes. Heavyweight muscularity. Seems to be around early 30's.

-Soul Crystal
 -Accelerated Healing
 -Partial abilities of SHAZAM
  -Magical lightning powers
  -Half the resistance of some magical projectiles
  -Calls upon the words by "Workers of the world, Unite!"
 -Superhuman Reflexes
 -Superhuman Strength levels +50 - +75
 -Superhuman Stamina

-Hand to Hand Combat
 -Combat Sambo
-Expert Marksmanship with small firearms.
-"Student of Warfare" ; Advanced tactician motives in the field of commanding during warfare.

-Getting beat up, nothing special.
-Can survive a hail of bullets but usually explosives and artillery start to slow down (and kill if used with excessive use, E.G. Artillery barrage for 10 minutes straight).
-Damage inflicted to the heart will result in the faltering of the crystal, which can lead death if the crystal shatters into his heart.

Weapon of Choice:
-Tungsten-Steel alloy hybrid lasso (1 ton)
-Tungsten-Steel alloy hybrid bracers (half a ton).
Secondary Weapons: Various gadgets including explosives, incendiary, and other devices.
Movement Type: Flight, most of the time hovering off the ground.

Experience in Combat:

The Winter War, Conscript Rifleman of the 7th Army(1939 - 1940)
 -Mannerheim Line
 -Battle of Taipale
 -Battle at Ladoga Karelia
 -Karelian Isthmus-Offensive

World War II, Rifle Guardsman of the 87th (Later 13th) Guards Rifle Division (1940 - 1945)
 -Both Battles of Kharkov
 -Battle of Stalingrad
 -Battle of Kursk
 -Various offensives towards Germany
 -Battle of Berlin


   Born after the events of a new Communist nation, Alexander Zeratsky was within a family without a father, who fought and died in the Red Army (Soviet-Polish War in 1921). In the brink of a second World War and the invasion of Finland, Alexander was conscripted to the Red Army and placed in a rifle division. After the war, he was switched to a Rifle Guard division for his excellent performance with the infantry rifle, becoming a Sergeant of his platoon. The Battle of Stalingrad became his breaking point in which grew extreme stress over the loss of his men, but never the less survived the battle and later, the war. He retired from the Army and continued a regular civilian life.

   During the events of the Cold War in the 50's, Alexander, now 30 enlisted to be part of the Комитет государственной безопасности, or KGB, the Soviet Union's most secretive agency. Through various infiltrations and spying by other KGB members in the United States, Alexander was told to immigrate there as a permanent resident using a new name. Going back in forth
through other indirect routes between the US and the USSR, he was asked to volunteer in a certain criteria to join in a top-secret Superhuman project, focusing on mainly five "enemies of the Union" (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Black Adam, and Captain Marvel). At this time, the serum project would take 20 years to be in full effect, reaching a critical point (or thought so as an "over-time" regeneration) to rival the United States' Superman. Along with the serum was a "soul crystal" inside his heart, using several particles from the powers of SHAZAM captured and found by KGB agents. He was injected with the serum and become unconscious. At this time, Alexander was put into a timed cyro-sleep status and sent to space in a pod with Yuri Gagarin in secrecy. With various equipment left with him stored in the locker, including a costume that would recognize his affiliation to the Soviet Union, he was sent off.

   Once in space, he was left and drifted away in which the pod will come back to Earth in 20 years via automatic destination. However, the fatal flaw was that the machine faced malfunctioning and the power cells died off a month later, leaving the Soviets blank in their only superhuman project.

   52 years later, the cyro-sleep was placed off course and finally wakes up. Throughout his time, he has used Solar Absorption as a power. He flies at lightspeed towards Earth to return to his mission or at least "adapt" to the new environment.

12/9/13 Update: Added some more detail.

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Re: The Red Guardsman



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Re: The Red Guardsman

-Post kept here for addition details-

Further retcon will come later.

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