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Sentinel of Magic file: Nesentra

Name: Nesentra
Age: old believed to be over 10k years old (lived the the Hyperborean times, technically she's over 10k years old, more explained below)
height: 5'5
Weight: 115lbs
Nationality: Cimmerian
Race: Cimmerian human
skills: Skilled in the art of arcane scrying and understanding. Can read dead languages and magical languages. She also has a high perception ability being able to detect invisible foes. Her skills also extend to hand to hand combat with a staff.

Abilities: High level necromancer. She can use high level necromancy magic, reanimating the dead, calling on abyssal horrors, even using the “breath of death itself”. The full extent of her abilities are not known, but in her time she was known as the Dread Witch of Stygia and many feared her. She can also empower her allies and herself with abyssal energies, enhancing base traits, or send sickness and corrosion to her enemies.

- undead summons-

 (her undead can be killed by piercing their hearts or decapitation. Their hearts are incaged in super stong "cages" as strong as plate steel)

(Basic Undead minion- basic zombie/shambler. increased physical damage, slow speed, swarm abiities, significantly damaged by fire)

(runner- stronger, faster minion which runs constantly at 30 to 40 mph. low, basic attacks)

(Striker- slightly stronger than runners. Know intermediate combat, still fights on instinct and direction)

(Abomination- Physical powerhouse, able to throw buses around. slow, but extremely durable and powerful, able to send out shockwaves with strikes)

(Dark mage- physically weak, smarter than others, can use basic dark magic such as corrosion, dark fire and lightning, skeletal bind. Can summon skeletons)

(all undead at this level have double the plate coating around their "hearts")

(Skeletal knight- smarter undead, can use more advanced combat tactics, still not sentient. Usually has a sword or axe and is far more durable than the previous one.)

(Dread knight- a undead servant of the necromancer, usually a fallen foe or former hero from history. Has intelligence and sentience and is in service to the necromancer. They can command forces of skeletons and have some supernatural abilities of their own. These are the most powerful "common summons" and each has their own unique ability.)

(Hunters- strange, muscluar creatures which resemble werewolves but only are covered in all black flesh with green glowing eyes. They are extremely adept at stealth, able to blend in with shadows, leaving them almost undetectable in shadows. They can emerge and with razor sharp claws and fangs, can kill extremely quickly. Their "hearts" Also are located higher in their chests than others and they have two. They can spew corrosive acid from their mouths and can find their prey by recognizing their unique heart beat from miles away, or the beating of their energy or power through their bodies. These beings are sentient and can enjoy causing harm to others as they come from a hell like dimension and are given flesh on this world)

Abyssal lord- A being of incredible power and strength, with significant intelligence and is not serving Nesentra as much as being bound to her while on this plane. they can leave when they see fit, which makes them unreliable but extremely powerful. They are on a level far above other beings)

Necromancy spells- Pestilence- can emit a plague of green and black smoke, which kills living things. The weaker it is, the quicker it dies, with plants dying instantly, humans taking a few minutes, and super beings hours. it works to help weaken her foes for her undead forces.

Darkness explosion- The necromancer calls on the dark powers of ancient gods to call down red lightning which explodes in a deadly and brilliant flash, has rotting and explosive abilities.

(more to come)

Weakenesses- We know relics of true holy power harm her as does intense light. We also believe blessed water can alleviate some of the effects of her magic. If she can die, we do not know. We know she's been impaled before and has come back, even burned at the stake, but eventually came back. And her power is not unexhaustable. The more powerful the creature, the more strain it puts on her magical reserve, the more beings summoned, the more strain on her powers. We do not know where she draws power from, but it is not souls as she's shown disdain for soul mages in our files.. we believe it may be life force energy or another kind of strange magical energy in the universe.

We, the Sentinels of Magic, were placed in guard of her sealed tomb by our ancestors. Recently that tomb was disturbed and broken in, the coffin missing. If she has been unsealed she is to be considered extremely dangerous. We do not have any real pictures of her, only images of her due to paintings on file.

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